The 1-for-1 Inaugural Episode

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Hey All,

After my interview on LR with Rich Hagon, I realized that I’d like to have a separate show to do more personal interviews of varying types. Magic personalities as well as non-Magic personalities are a better fit for a separate show, as we try to concentrate on LR-centric things on LR.

As a result, I have started The 1-for-1, a new podcast where I interview interesting people. This is not currently slated to be a regular show, but one where I can record episodes as they present themselves. We’ll see where it goes together.

As the show matures, I’ll probably break it off onto it’s own site. The iTunes subscription feed is being approved now, so you will be able to separately subscribe to The 1-for-1.

The first episode features an interview with former LR co-host Jon Loucks about the last two years of his life since he left LR. We talk about working at WotC, working on MTGO, and Jon’s personal struggles as well.

You can find the article Jon wrote that the interview compliments here:

Thanks as always for listening and I hope you find this new venture worthwhile!

– Marshall

9 thoughts on “The 1-for-1 Inaugural Episode”

  1. Hey Marshall and Jon!
    Just wanted to tell you that this was an awesome first episode of what promises to become an great and insightfull podcast! I love the concept, and hearing Jon as a former WotC-Insider talk about MtGO and the problems they face was the most intereting piece of podcasting I listened to in quite a while!
    Thanks to the both of you – espiecally to Jon for sharing his insight and for opening up about what seems to be a rough time in his life- for this first episode. I’m looking forward to more 1-on-1!!

  2. This is gonna be another awesome podcast!! What is the name of that theme song also?? (It might be better than LR’s)

  3. Marshal this podcast is a fantastic idea. I really feel like there are a lot of personal stories out there that the community should/needs to hear. As for Mr. Jon Loucks, living/dealing with depression is rough business. I am glad you were able to get therapy and that it helped. Getting into a new environment in which you feel more productive can really do wonders. I wish you success and hope you keep the community up to date on what projects your working on. I know i can’t wait to watch you getting Loucksy on a stream again. :)

  4. Loved the episode. As a software engineer, I hear the same stuff Jon experienced (we had a “from scratch” rebuild a few years ago that had to be scrapped, so it isn’t always the answer), so I understand his predicament (and not having anyone to vent to at home would be especially tough).

    Even though, I came to Limited Resources after Jon had left, I listened to the complete archive and would love to see him (especially during set reviews) show up from time to time.

    One thing I noticed, and it is minor, is that the sound quality seems different than Limited Resources. Did you use a different setup? It sounds like you were using an omni-directional mic or something (it had an echo or muffled quality). Not a huge distraction, just different.

    Thanks for this and I look forward to hearing Jon on Deck Tease this week and perhaps on the Khans set review (if he is allowed).

  5. First thing first Mr Loucks (hug)

    Secondly, I love to hear confirmation about so much of the behind the scenes stuff. Every time I hear someone say “hearthstone works why doenst MTGO” I say “hearthstone has 200 digital cards in a digital environment, MTGO has 20,000 digital versions of real cards that they want to play similar to paper magic. ”

    I love blaming the siloing effect, its the bane of smooth business in the digital era.

    For anyone who isnt aware of what a silo in business is, its the concept that each department has its job, and task and they dont cross over, as though they are in their own grain silo. Corn is in the corn silo, wheat is in the wheat silo… Communication within an information silo is always vertical, making it difficult or impossible for the system to work with unrelated systems. Information silos exist because management or entrenched work philosophies do not believe there to be a benefit from sharing information, and information is not useful to personnel in other areas anyways.

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