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The 1-for-1 Inaugural Episode

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Hey All,

After my interview on LR with Rich Hagon, I realized that I’d like to have a separate show to do more personal interviews of varying types. Magic personalities as well as non-Magic personalities are a better fit for a separate show, as we try to concentrate on LR-centric things on LR.

As a result, I have started The 1-for-1, a new podcast where I interview interesting people. This is not currently slated to be a regular show, but one where I can record episodes as they present themselves. We’ll see where it goes together.

As the show matures, I’ll probably break it off onto it’s own site. The iTunes subscription feed is being approved now, so you will be able to separately subscribe to The 1-for-1.

The first episode features an interview with former LR co-host Jon Loucks about the last two years of his life since he left LR. We talk about working at WotC, working on MTGO, and Jon’s personal struggles as well.

You can find the article Jon wrote that the interview compliments here:

Thanks as always for listening and I hope you find this new venture worthwhile!

– Marshall