The 1-for-1 Episode 5 – “Dammit” Liz Smith

This week on The 1-for-1, Marshall sits down with Event Guru, Production Manager, Producer and Internet personality “Dammit” Liz Smith. We go on Liz’s journey from surviving cancer as a child, to barely graduating high school, all the way through producing shows for some impressive household names. Liz’s story is one of preserverence, and following a dream no matter what.

DammitFair Warning: There is some adult language in this interview.

You can find Liz on Twitter here:

Liz’s website:

The 1-for-1 is hosted by Marshall Sutcliffe. You can find him on Twitter.

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6 thoughts on “The 1-for-1 Episode 5 – “Dammit” Liz Smith”

  1. Wow, this was a superb interview. I can genuinely say that I am inspired by Liz Smith. It’s easy for someone to say ‘chase your dreams’ but it takes real courage to actually do it, especially when it involves leaving your job and spending your own money to take a shot at something based purely on your self belief. I can definitely see the the similarities between Liz and Marsh too, you are both go-getters making a fascinating career out of thin air and off the beaten track! Best wishes and good luck to you both.

  2. Awesome episode with an awesome guest. Liz is definitely a very unique personality — Well, we are all unique but you know what I mean — with an interesting story to tell and I’m sure that there’s still more to come.

  3. Marshall, I’ve been listening to all of your stuff for 2 years now, and you are quickly becoming my inner voice. You are incredible at enabling others to speak, and always recognizing important key points. Of course you know this. None the less, thank you for your hard and great work, and keep this awesome podcast going. (and find a new CR co-host….no pressure)

    1. Vậy là chết mình rùi. Bạn Moon má»›i nói thôi mà có vài người theo rồi. Có bạn Moon làm &#; H082oÃ2ng Dung” chắc trÆ°á»›c sau gì cÅ©ng phải show hàng thôi hehehe.

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