4 thoughts on “The 1-for-1 Episode 4 – Mark Whitmore”

  1. Mark Whitmore for PRESIDENT! Wow, Marshall what an amazing interview. You should make a multi-part podcast with this man. Last 20-30 minutes – Nailed IT! Well done man! Your efforts for LR & 1-for-1 are appreciated. I backed and as of this hour a top Patreon. Thank You & Mark for taking the time!!

  2. I’ve been listening to LR since m14 pretty regularly. I’m glad you branched out to other forms of podcasting. Sometimes I don’t want to listen to mtg related media, but I’m so used to listening to you in my head I want to hear something LRish (if that makes sense). These are great and I hope you keep it up. As a 24 year old making his way through the world, it’s great to hear passionate people from all sorts of backgrounds. I’m fairly certain I’d have never crossed the path of someone like Mark.

  3. Kudos for this interview, and I will echo the sentiment that you should bring Mark back for additional face time. While I am not in the financial field, the what and whys of it are a strong interest of mine, and having someone explain, in understandable terms, the root causes of the financial crisis is a pretty amazing thing to bring to your audience. Here we live in the aftermath of what i surely hope is a once in a generation event, and I wager that Most people really don’t understand why it happened or where we are now. Financial literacy in the US is awful, and Mark is an excellent orator. While he doesn’t mention it among his skills, he clearly would have made an excellent teacher.
    Personally I agree with many (most) of his views, while at the same time I would have loved to debate them or explore them more fully.
    One thing worth noting is that the kind of person who can and does excel (no pun intended ) at mtg (or bridge or games, generally) Are also the types who would do well in various financial professions or simply at successfully investing their own money, over the long term, if they had the knowledge and tools to do so.
    So much to say, both on the interview and the topic but this is already too long for a comment.

  4. Very much enjoyed the interview, and I agree with Mr. Whitmore’s points. I have a dozen comments to make, but there’s only 1 I really have to voice.

    I so rarely hear someone echo my thoughts on this matter that I have to voice my approval: the incalculable costs of welfare and bloated government on the economy is horrendous, and you seem to understand that fully. Every dollar spent on X can not be spent on Y. Leftists can spin that the dollars are going for good causes until the cows come home, but that will never change the fact that that money is siphoned off of the economy, weakening it and, in some cases (cash for clunkers comes to mind), destabilizing large sectors of it. How does the fed taxing citizens to subsidize corn farmers actually help the economy? It artificially lowers the cost of corn, HFCS, and ethanol–but it also pushes more farmers into corn farming than other farming, which might actually be more lucrative (I.E. more beneficial to the economy and thereby mankind as a whole). There’s also just the intrinsic waste involved in any government program to consider.

    What I’m trying to say is that I get it, and the issue it bothers the hell out of me. Every dollar the government wastes is some percentage of lower quality of life for everyone, and, in a way, some percentage of a person dying. If a father can’t find a job, a mother decides to by cheaper and less healthy food, a company decides not to invest in a new technology, a husband buys the 97 Buick instead of a safer car…all of these things, when you really boil it down, cut years off of people’s lives. It doesn’t matter if the government supplies a job for the father, healthier food to the mother, subsidizes the company, etc…it doesn’t matter because the government will never be–can never be as efficient as billions of people all collectively deciding what is the best way to spend their wealth, to leverage their assets. It is the most extreme form of human arrogant to believe otherwise.

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